Yoga for Complete Human Well-Being

The present times have seen the modern generation heading back to the future. After all the technological advancements and modernization have claimed a toll over the health and emotional and physical well-being of the people, everyone has now found solace in the ever elusive yet enchanting form of body training – yoga. Yoga as a concept was developed by the ancient Indian saints, who believed rigorous physical exercise and virility were the means of ensuring enlightenment – achieving the zero, the Supreme Moksha.


The bridge between ancient and modern yoga

Yoga is a co-terminus and perpetual part of the mystic and elusive Indian culture. Although now Yoga is being widely used and endorsed as the way to look good, beat the flab, improve body postures and flexibility, strengthen the core muscles and improve body functionality, the original and quintessential aim of Yoga was to facilitate the attainment of the supreme, the almighty.
Yoga, in its original form, existed as Hath – Yoga ( a rigorous form of Yoga) and was developed by ancient and powerful legendary saints. Hath Yoga basically concentrates on body flexibility and strength. As said earlier, it is the form of rigorous physical exercise and perhaps is the ultimate way out available with those whose smooth ride down the weight loss program has now observed a blockage.

The purpose of Hath Yoga was to prepare the body to concentrate. The old saints used to meditate and glide into a trance, in their unconscious minds, in order to feel the almighty, in order to feel the eternal bliss in just being and not doing anything. Thus hath yoga, which is now being used for loosing weight and gaining muscle strength, was simply just a preparation stage to go into more deeper and all-embracing form of yoga – the meditation.

What Yoga basically does?

It is a general notion to associate yoga with weight loss. However, the experts and well-versed people know that yoga has no direct relation with the weight loss. All that yoga does is it cleanse your body systems, ensures a smooth and unblocked flow of blood in the entire body and detoxify and cleanse the pores and systems of your body.
Hence, yes, yoga does make a person appears more beautiful and fresh. It helps in making the people look younger than their age. Also, it is the ultimate remedy to fight stress, migraine, headaches and etc as yoga aims for a complete body detoxification.

Does yoga guarantees immediate results?

No, it does not! Yoga is not an exercise regime or a diet you practice for a particular time, but it is a choice – the choice of the style of living your life. Thus, yoga does not guarantee immediate results, but it does help in the overall growth and development of the mentally and spiritually active human being. It allows you to be, to breathe and live in the moment, without feeling any rush. Thus, yoga provides you with an improved body and well being – both internally and externally.

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