Honey: Beauty and Health Supplements

Mostly people just go on searching the world for the solution of various problems, but the fact is that answer lies just with in, some where really close. Putting the hard talks aside and getting straight to the point, we are here talking about a secret key for staying healthy and getting that enviable glowing skin. It is the secret preserved in the lapse of nature for quite a while now, but the consistent researches in the natural treatment etc has revealed to the world, the secret powers of honey. Yes, when it comes to looking good and staying healthy, the answer lies in a just a table spoon of Honey. All quizzed? Well here is the answer to all your curiosity.

Honey is natural sugar – before we get further in to details, this is the chief benefit of honey one should know of. It is the natural sugar. What it means is, you can easily replace sugar with natural honey, and you can satisfy your sweet tooth desires without worrying about gaining weight. And yes, it does tastes really good.


Using honey for loosing weight – tired of working the hell out in the gym or fitness center, yet the weighing scale does not show any improvements? Well now you can use natural honey to loose those extra pounds naturally. All you have to do is take a cup of warm water, keep it as warm as your tongue can handle, and with time, try taking warmer water. Now just squeeze in a table spoon of lemon and add a table spoon of honey, both should be in roughly equal amounts, and you will have an effective weight loss tonic. The lemon helps in melting that treacherous fat and honey helps in giving your body the energy you need to function the day. Even if you are fasting and take this tonic, you will end up losing a good deal of weight and still feel healthy and strong the entire day.

The other healing potential of honey – honey comprises of enzymes and is really nutritious. It is able cure various problems and ailments your body might be facing. In the ancient times, saints and Gurus used to use honey for curing eyesight, treating the person off poisoning, calming down the person with hiccups, curing the various issues related to the urinary tract and a lot more.

Beauty related uses of Honey – scared of growing old? Worse, beginning to look older before the age? Use honey to combat the issue. Honey contains natural antioxidants which supplements the skin with the lost zeal and glow. You can use honey as a face pack by making a paste of a little of fresh unboiled milk, lemon and honey. Apply it on your face with cotton, scrub a little and you will see the cleansing effect of honey. Leave the pack on for a while, rinse after 20 minutes and the difference will be evident.

Use the power of honey to stay health and beautiful for the rest of your life.

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